ACTing Like Clean Water

Renewable Resources Coalition

The RRC is an Alaskan non-profit 501 c (6) corporation founded by Alaskans with a diverse membership including commercial fishermen, natives, lodge owners, and many others. The mission of the Renewable Resources Coalition is to preserve and protect the ongoing viability of Alaska’s abundant fishing and hunting resources and the lands and waters they need to survive.
Renewable Resources Coalition

Alaskans Against the Mining Shutdown
Alaskans Against the Mining Shutdown (AAMS), a citizens' coalition, has taken the lead in fighting the initiatives put forth by the anti-mining interests in Alaska - including Ballot Measure 4 which could appear on the primary ballot on August 26th.

The AAMS coalition includes individuals and groups representing different business, regional, and political backgrounds that have gathered together to fight the very drastic and deceptive measures put forth by the anti-mining interests. AAMS launched this campaign to do three things:

(1) Protect the over 5,500 direct and indirect mining jobs, and future jobs in over 100 Alaskan communities, many of them in outlying rural Native Alaskan communities;

(2) Preserve the diverse Alaskan communities who depend on mining. Mining provides $175 million in revenue to Alaska State government, and $14 million in revenue to local governments and, in some cases, is the only source of revenue to to rural communities.

(3) Responsibly protect Alaska's future by ensuring our great mineral wealth continues to be a significant, growing sector of Alaska's economy.

AAMS also promotes responsible resource development, believing that economic development and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive. Alaska has very rigorous environmental standards and processes that mining projects have to go through, and the anti-mining interests would arbitrarily override these science-based processes and standards.
Alaskans Against Mining Shutdown

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